Monday, April 29, 2013

The only way out - is through it.

WODs look scary most every day, but sometimes there are WODs that are cloaked in simplicity – masking their ability to kick your booty. Today was that day. WOD shared below – but here were my initial thoughts… Wall Balls – I tend to like. It is a synergistic movement that feels good when all the rights parts are firing the right directions. Kettle Bell Swings – I like the momentum and the raw power that is generated in the movement. Push-ups – not sure we’ll ever be friends. At best we’re mild social acquaintances. So when Coach Brian unveiled the WOD, I thought – this doesn’t look too hard… I really should know by now to NEVER think that – and if I think I’m going to think that – to immediately assess myself a 25 Burpee Penalty for being a dufus.

The most dangerous part of any CrossFit workout for me is when I’m struggling near the end of round 1. The reality is sinking in of how much further I have to go. There is no denying how difficult it is going to be to get there. This is the time I wish had a mute button for my brain. I’m not sure at what point you silence the complainers and whiners that take up an unwelcomed residence in your own head. But today as I am struggling into my second round I remember something Louise Cooper would say while trekking the Grand Canyon last year. I describe Louise in the highest regards as an "elegant badass". She's an accomplished athlete (worth the Google) and thankfully a trail angel to tender paws like me. We were standing somewhere along the canyon floor unable to see where it was we were attempting to climb to when Louise matter-of-factly stated, “The only way out - is through it.” That one simple statement was powerful then, and it still is today. It is Louise's voice - in that gorgeous South African accent - I hear rallying me against the complainers and whiners. Those negative and fearful voices are energy zappers, and I look forward to the day I successfully evict them out of my head.

So how’d I do? At 18:00 I had my last round of push-ups remaining. I’m so glad Coach Brian had me complete them. I’ll take the 19:23 booty kickin, but I bet if I replayed the morning – that 1:23 is probably the exact amount of time I let negative voices run unchecked in my head. Lesson learned: evict negativity during the workout.

WOD 4/29/13
For time: 18:00 cap
800m Run
3 Rounds:
25 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
25 KB Swings (53#/35#)
25 HR Push-ups

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