Monday, June 10, 2013

The Dangers of Maybe

The past week I've seen a few pretty cool things at CrossFit. Everything from a woman lifting her heaviest deadlift three times, to watching two of the guys lift a bar with so many weights that I couldn't calculate what it was. Now granted they are two of the more elite athletes at the box - so I'm by no means calling that a "normal" feat. What I took away from watching them wasn't about their ability - it was their attitude. All three successes had one thing in common - there wasn't a "Maybe I'll get this" thought as they approached the task. Success really has no room for "Maybe". Maybe is weak. Maybe by it's very usage means lack of commitment. I know that looking back on my fitness journey the Maybe approach was used for a few reasons. Maybe when I was scared. Maybe if I wanted a predefined reason for failure. Maybe if the attempt would somehow replace the lack of accomplishment. Is "Maybe" the biggest obstacle to overcome? I think so. In big things in life we have to set goals with certainty. There wasn't a Maybe approach to my education. I didn't approach my marriage with a "Maybe" in my mind. I certainly didn't approach motherhood with "Maybe". I don't use "Maybe" in my professional life - so why have I allowed it for personal fitness goals? I'm trekking rim to rim to rim of the Grand Canyon next week. And, as vast as the canyon is - there is no room for "Maybe". I know now that if Maybe is in my mind - or in the minds of my teammates - we will certainly experience more adversity during our trek. Maybe only opens the door for failure.

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