Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hurts so good!

I love feeling sore – it lets me know I really did something! It tells me that I’ve pushed my muscles past their comfort level and they will respond in kind by growing stronger. One of the great things about starting Harder2Kill – was not only as an outlet for me to share my experiences, but it keeps me accountable too. When I’m active, when I’m good, when I’m “full-force” I don’t struggle for topics to write about. The lessons learned keep coming. 

So after the past few weeks of slacking, I’m so happy to report that I’m sore! Not injured – just sore – and it hurts so good! Monday after my unfortunate run-in with a deer, I still got a really good workout. It was great to lift again. Since I had not been consistent at C3 for a few weeks – I had not lifted. I still feel too new at it to go down to our home gym and lift. But with my husband’s guidance, I was able to. Tuesday I ran 3 miles with my neighbor and having her company – kept me from remembering that I was convinced I couldn’t run more than 1. (p.s. there’s a lesson in there about not setting limitations on yourself.) When I met her on the street my first words were, “I’ll be shocked if I make it a mile.” So much for self-confidence and positive outlook…. But with great conversation and music – I didn’t notice I had overshot my 1 mile “goal”. Today I made it to C3 and happy to report – no wildlife was harmed along the way. The workout was great (until burpees – but they always suck). Found my 1RM for Shoulder Press (85#) and survived 4 rounds of row sprints, burpees and kettlebell swings.

And wouldn’t you know it – nutrition is cleaning up nicely too J I don’t have the mental fortitude right now for a sugar detox cycle (mama needs her wine) but the grains, dairy and “chemical sh!t storm” for the most part are well in-check. I’ll let you know when my big girl pants are loose again J but for now – just trying to forgive myself for the last few weeks and get back at it.

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