Thursday, September 26, 2013

Humans don't come with a reboot button - or do we?

Nutrition – it’s my fitness albatross. I love being active, I love working out, I love being stronger. However I have several fitness challenges that I haven’t overcome that can all be attributed to nutrition. For as much as my Love statements above – I have several “don’t love” realities too. I don’t love grocery shopping, I don’t love cooking, and I really don't love messing up my perfectly clean not-cooked-in-kitchen. I have no personality blind-spots here - in general, I’m completely inept at overall “Kitchen Management”.  

So here is where the next phase of my fitness is going to get more challenging than double-unders and burpees for me. I’ve just agreed to participate in C3's Nutritional Reset Challenge starting Monday. What is that? It is 30 day program designed to get you away from the trappings of processed foods, kick bad habits and overall improve performance. So what that means for me - is facing my dreads and shop fresh, whole unprocessed  foods and then turn those things into glorious meals my family will eat. No pressure. 

I believe in the benefits of whole, unprocessed foods. I agree the food industry is bordering on evil – and at best greedy, manipulative and negligent. I completely agree with it all. EXCEPT – I get overwhelmed every time I attempt to implement an unprocessed approach for my family. The Hubs – he’s all in (but he hasn’t seen the upcoming increase to the food budget yet). The Kids – for the most part will be unaware for the first 5 minutes – until they notice that pop tarts, Tyson chicken nuggets, spaghetti-os and almost everything else they are willing to put into their mouths – is no longer in the cabinets. I seriously hope the pros are correct in the "they will eventually eat what you put in front of them" approach. I’ve done this before – but it was just me. And I’ve admittedly never achieved a sustainable healthy balance of moderation when it comes to my relationship with food. Now I’m dragging my family down this road with me. I’m excited and dreading it all at the same time. I’m pre-plotting meals now – and embracing the adventure of cooking again. I can cook – I just don’t love to cook. However, I love the idea of improved and achieved fitness goals more!

So in preparing for this transition to literal “clean living” – I did about the most boneheaded thing a person can do. I went and pigged out on nachos – and piled everything evil I could on top of them. And of course I  have been completely sick to my stomach and sneezy since then. People laugh when I declare that I have a grain allergy – but I can eat a nacho chip (or beer, or bread, or corn) and literally be flush-faced and sneezy/snotty within 15 minutes. Why I do that to myself – is apparently a topic I should likely discuss with a therapist one day. 

C3's Nutritional Challenge arrives at a great time for me. If you know me from work – you know the level of insanity we’ve all just survived with our latest product launch. The traveling, the meetings, the daylong conference calls should be leveling back to a sense of normalcy. The pool is closed for the year, and the boat heads to storage in the next few days. The end-of-summer festivities have wrapped up and with it the accompanying lime-o-ritas (aka mommy candy) and budlight limes have dwindled from the fridge. With this challenge I’m giving myself the gift of a nutritional reset – so that bad habits don’t worsen. 

Feeling Better = Improved Workouts. All of this is perfectly-timed to not be a dietary/fitness hot mess going in to the holiday season. I want Santa to be the only one in our house with a bowl-full-of-jelly belly! With discipline and willpower re-instilled for my fitness approach – the eggnog and sausage balls won’t have such a hold on me. I’ll keep you updated and as always promise to not "sugar" coat it. Now off to purge my pantry. Anyone in to dumpster diving, there will be $1,000 worth of processed evil in my trashcan on Friday morning. 

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