Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inadequate Thank You

I love words. I love writing. I especially love the power of words when written well. Yet despite my love of words, I’ve been unable to find appropriate ones lately. No matter how much I try, every attempt falls short of conveying the emotions filling my heart. So here goes and please forgive the inadequacies of the thank you. While 2014 started off with a deafening Kaboom, I have to say that losing my job allowed us to experience the beautiful side of people. So many of you reached out to us with prayers, encouragement, advice, and good old fashioned cheerleading. Your closest friends and family are no surprise. Of course they are the first responders at your side. They are the ones that are triaging you.

But there are other people waiting in the wings that are amazingly helpful.  The former co-worker that goes out of her way to put in a good word for you at her current company. A sorority sister that you haven’t seen in 20 years who reaches out to you to let you know she’s praying for you. The friend from high school that makes an introduction for you to pursue an opportunity. A friend that has previously traveled this same road, and wisely forces you out of yoga pants to attend networking events. The letter from your childhood church letting you know you are being prayed over. The surprise flowers that brighten up a gloomy mood. The jar of dirt that is worth more than gold. A luncheon with women that have seen you at your best and your worst and still love you anyway. People that read Harder2Kill and share their experiences as encouragement. The phone call with your childhood role model that after 20+ years, still has amazing advice to share. The perfectly-timed signs from Heaven that God has a pretty amazing Director of Personnel as one of his angels now.

I owe so much too so many people. Thank You will always inadequately express what each of you did for us throughout the last few months. This journey is a testament to the hidden blessings that are in store for each of us. It has been scary at times, but I believe that I’m stronger yet more humble for this experience. As a family we are closer than ever, although we’ll be separated over the next few months. Many overwhelming logistics yet to figure out, but that is balanced by a sense of calm that only follows a storm. You all enabled us to be harder2kill, and for that, words of appreciation will always be inadequate.

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  1. Pam did you find a job? you didn't really say, just that you were going to be gone for a few months.