Monday, May 12, 2014

1/2 Happy

We've been apart for eight weeks. We've all been missing each other. We all stay adequately busy during the days, but at night the emotions take their toll. My daughter gets tired and cries for her daddy. My son asks how many more days until he comes to Alabama. It's usually really late at night before I can steal anytime away for a catch-up call with my husband.

My son is busy playing baseball. My husband is busy coaching him. Both are busy packing up boxes, studying and year-end scout activities. Yet even with technology, there is no substitute for being there. Great days and Great news - seem less great when you try to retell the story at a later time. For now even on our happiest days we can only manage to be 1/2 happy. 

And then there are the rumors. Most can be dismissed. Some we've even laughed at, but the line was crossed when my child had the "D" word explained to him by another child at the bus stop. In this case the child was only repeating what he had heard his parent say. I get it. We've been a bit vague. Not everyone gets to be in the loop. It is necessary. But for those who know the truth, and choose to spread gossip, shame on you. Sadly, this was the case. The truth is really less interesting. 

Soon enough, people will have to find someone else's life to speculate about. Our family separation is nearing an end. That day can't get here soon enough. We know this is all temporary. But I'm looking for the day we get to be complete again. The truth, while disappointing to the gossipers, will reflect that we are indeed still happily married and very much committed to each other and our family. 

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