Monday, October 19, 2015

Beached Body

In life we always talk about being in “deep water” when you are in trouble, but what if the trouble appears when you least expect it? My trouble didn't start in deep water, in fact it was the opposite. I found trouble in shallow water. Very shallow. On Sunday I paddled 10 miles today in 4 hours. Pretty stoked about that. 

Trouble in not-so-deep water
The entire day was awesome except for this one surprise. I took a path between an island and the shore that I’ve taken several times. The difference this time was that it is mid-October and the water levels are going down on the lake. I beached my boat within the first 20 minutes of the paddle. And when I say beached, I mean I ran it aground pretty hard b/c I was warming up and moving at a pretty decent clip, and then suddenly find myself sitting. Not on (or near) the shore. I beached it out in the middle of what looks like open water. Stuck. Alone. A little pushing with paddle. Nothing. Water not deep at all – but was deeper than the top of my waterproof shoes.
Boat Scoot Boogie Selfie

 It was a breezy mid 50’s day, and I really didn’t want to get out and start the long day completely soaked. I was also worried that I would get stuck in the awesome clay bottom of Logan Martin. A few more pushes in either direction and then I was suddenly scared I might break my paddle. Barely a mile from the dock, and I really didn't have a plan B. So I started scooting. Literally, scooting. Similar to when a baby scoots across a floor on their bottom. Yep, that same move – but in a kayak. A technique that I had used a few weeks ago during a precarious launch maneuver. The progress wasn’t much – but it did move. I looked like an idiot, but only the herons were watching. So I kept scooting.

It would have certainly been a shorter distance to back up – but seriously could not figure out how to make the boat scoot backwards. So onward it was. I could see where the water got deeper again, and that may have been the longest 30 yards of my life! I literally “boat scooted” myself to deeper water. Was an awesome ab workout and cardio!

Luckily the rest of the day was drama (and scooting) free. Even managed to pick-up my pace and get faster as the miles went by. Which I hope means I’m ready for the Keys because I’m there a month from today! If you are interested in donating to a cause that means so much to me, I promise the money doesn't fund my trip. It goes directly to the organization that supports so many survivors!. If you want to donate - just push that gorgeous green button in the right-hand corner of the screen. :)

See my split time for mile 1 was 30+ minutes? 12 of those were spent doing the Boat Scoot Boogie! 

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