Saturday, October 3, 2015

I Suck at Blogging

It's been a year since I've sat down to write a post. Pretty certain that officially means that I suck at blogging. For the radio silence - I'm sorry. I've missed you. I've missed over-sharing all my struggles and accidental accomplishments with you. It's not you. It's me.

Here's the deal, life has been filled with blessings and a lot of insane chaos. I'm not going to whine about blessings, it's just in all the moving parts of the day - sitting down to journal is one of the easy gives to my schedule. But doing that meant a week turned into a month, which turned into 12 months... Here's the thing, Harder2Kill isn't my day job. I love my day job, but here's the odd part. I write for a living and work on social media campaigns during the day, it does seem like I should be better at keeping up with this blog. 

But even though my lack of posts might make one think I haven't been thinking about Harder2Kill - it's actually not true. It's a constant thought. It just keeps rolling over to "tomorrow's list." But its not just a lack of time. 

The move to Alabama was a homecoming for me, but it's been a complete life change for the entire family. One that has taken A LOT longer to settle in to our "new normal" than I would have ever guessed. Another change in the family dynamic is that I no longer travel for work as extensively as I used to (which is super awesome), but now it's The Hubs hitting the open road most weeks (a super bummer b/c the kids definitely seem to lose their minds each and every time he's not home! :) With all this, nutrition and fitness certainly took a backseat. So blogging about nutrition and fitness certainly didn't seem appropriate anymore. I'll get back to that. Past few months have been a blur of juggling work, life, family and training. 

So if you've met me - you know I have this peculiar aversion to moderation. Working out to workout - doesn't really work for me. I seem to need a larger-than-reasonable goal to work towards. So once again - I over committed myself to another Project Athena event. In November I'll join some amazingly awesome people to paddle, bike and run from Key Largo to Key West. 

So The Hubs is back to being my trainer and making completely gorgeous and detailed spreadsheets that seem to get tossed out the window every other day. Logging hours on bikes and in boats is certainly a challenge to anyone's bandwidth, but we are getting it done. A lot of other things have to give on the list. I really don't see anyone that I don't live with or work with. I'm not going to win any mother of the year awards anytime soon, and Southern Living will not likely knock on my door for a photo shoot, but I do believe my children are once again witnessing the importance of training for a large event. I'll cling to that as the upside. 

But let's revisit the intention of Harder2Kill. I said earlier that it was about nutrition and fitness - I'm not sure I really did that anyway. Harder2Kill is more just a journal of my struggles, desires and lessons learned (mainly the hard way) about nutrition and fitness. So with that creative license - if you'll have me, I'll try better to not suck at blogging any longer :)

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