Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First not Last

I experienced my First time of not being Last for completing my WOD! I know it isn’t a race, but it felt good! I got to cheer on a classmate – I’m usually the one being cheered and encouraged to finish. In that moment – I celebrated! Sometimes victories may seem so small on the outside – but they are huge on the inside.

But that wasn’t my only First! Last night was my First time to run pain free in 3 weeks! So for a few weeks now – this has been my fashion accessory.

Sexy right? It’s Rock Tape. I was introduced to it two weeks ago. And while mildly skeptical – I watched very respectable athletes get taped up a few weekends ago while at Capital City CrossFit – so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

In addition to the tape, Dr. Bill Richie worked his chiropractic magic on my ankle through two different sessions. That with two weeks of the coaches tailoring portions of the WODs for me, have allowed my ankle time to heal and resulted in one happy right ankle. I’m so grateful because 3 weeks from today I’m on a plane bound for Arizona for a Rim to Rim to Rim 46 mile trek of the Grand Canyon.

Other Firsts for me recently include 123# Back Squat and learning that I can lift a dead Romanian assuming he only weighs 103# (why is it called a Romanian Deadlift anyway?) and in a very ungraceful balance pose – learned how to do a Bulgarian Split Squat (seriously who names these things?). Another significant First for me - is Today is the First time I was able to fit back into a pair of pants from last summer! And while I'm still resisting the urge to weigh in on the scale - I am increasingly trusting the process clean(er) eating and CrossFit.

While my ankle was mending – I probably rowed enough meters to cross the English Channel. I’m more than relieved to have my ankle back as a properly functioning part of my body, but I’m also grateful for the experience. I learned to trust others around me that knew how to help me heal while still training for my upcoming trek. I'm sure there are many more Lasts for my WODs, but I'm most excited about how many more Firsts are ahead of me.


  1. Don't weigh yourself!! Keep celebrating the successes - the first, the pants, the feelings!!!

  2. Thank you Dayna! I definitely am following your advice on that :)