Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hell is no Place for a Gimpy Ankle

So I mentioned the other day that I was a dufus about not properly stretching before and after a long (for me) run. A week later I’m still paying for it. I’ve been completely gimpy since running the Fatass 5k on Saturday. For those that know my love of hooker shoes – sadly they haven’t been out of my closet in 10 days… But gladly my workouts haven’t suffered. This week I’ve experienced first-hand how the coaches at Capital City CrossFit work with individuals to build workouts that enable success while still accommodating injury or physical capabilities. Brian and Zack have been great about customizing WODs for me, but that doesn’t mean they are easier. In 32 days I’m literally hiking into the bowels of hell (better known as the Grand Canyon). I can’t slack off my training – yet my ankle has to heal. The only thing that is keeping me from hitting the panic button is the realization that I can keep strength training under their direction while my ankle and I get back on speaking terms.

I share this for anyone that thinks they can’t do CrossFit because of an ailment or a particular weakness. Working with the coaches – it is amazing what they can do to get you going.

Realizations this week:
  • Leave my pride in the car and hobble my gimpy ankle into the box and talk to the coaches about the injury.
  • The Grand Canyon will never hire me to write their marketing brochure if I keep referring to it as the Bowels of Hell. 

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  1. Wise advice. There's always SOMETHING you can do at the gym while one particular muscle group or tendon or joint is in need of rest. And, of course, there is always swimming, the age-old refuge for the injured who want to continue to work out.