Wednesday, July 3, 2013

10 signs you took too much time off from Crossfit

10. You’re no longer bi-lingual because your “crossfit-anease” is rusty.
9. Your six year old starts feeling heavier than he used to.
8. Can’t row 500 meters in under 2:10. 
7. You’re back to modified push-ups.
6. Burpees suck even more.
5. The big grey band doesn’t seem to have enough spring to it.
4. The 20” jump box looks really high!
3. Monkey bars on the playground no longer look fun to you.
2. You decline a jump rope challenge from your 10 year old neighbor.
1. The callouses on your hands have softened.

So it seems my little WOD vacay after my hike was probably a wee bit on the long side. First day back to Capital City Crossfit today – and it was the asskicker I feared it would be. Happy to be back at it, and eager to establish my next goal. What next? That is the big question for me now…. I need to answer this sooner than later. Any suggestions? 


  1. Suggestion: A CrossFit competition - great motivator, great community, great goal to shoot for. There are plenty to do, you can do a scaled division and be a part of the experience all while kicking some ass and getting yours kicked!

  2. Thanks Dayna! It would have to be waaay scaled-down for me to be competitive :) Definitely need to establish some PR goals to strive for.