Friday, July 12, 2013

On the Road Again

Hitting the road for work for a few different trips presents definite challenge for work/life and my don't-get-lazy-efforts. The coils in my tightly wound calendar have sprung loose and chaos has ensued. I really don't want to loose ground with my workouts so the mornings I'm on the road - I hit the road. Luckily locations are really nice and familiar - so my focus has been to continue increasing my mileage for the next few weeks. I'd like to run a local 10k in August - so that is my first "next". I have worked up to 4 miles - next week I want to get to 5-6 miles. 

Working out in hotel rooms is good in theory but there are limitations. I can do a few things while avoiding waking my hotel-neighbors or having security knock on my door. In room workouts include yoga, push-ups, toe-drivers and air squats - and I'm well aware I could do burpees - but I haven't successfully forced myself to do those yet. 

I really miss weight lifting - it's one of the aspects I've enjoyed the most about CrossFit. Sadly hotels think tossing an elliptical machine, mirrored wall and water cooler in a closet and calling it the "Fitness Center" is adequate - but for me it doesn't quite cut it. I am buying a jump rope before my next trip - I'm nowhere near a double-unders - but right now if I could string together 20 singles - that would be progress. Missing my C3 friends - looking forward to a more consistent schedule in the coming weeks.

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