Monday, October 7, 2013

The Sweet Life

My October nutritional reset started a week ago today. I plunged myself into a month long effort to rid processed foods from my life. I’ll confess that I backed off the kiddos transition. I’m going more stealth sneak attack approach with them. I thought I’d have more luck if they were unaware that they are on a gradual path to unprocessed foods. Some will say I wussed out. Perhaps.

With Week #1 down - how am I doing? Pretty good. Picked back up my lunchtime runs – and that helps me not fall to cravings in restaurants. Some people run for health. For now – I run to avoid sitting in a restaurant staring at a menu full of things I can’t eat. I did have a dull headache for a few days last week, but that subsided by Thursday. I think that was just my body adjusting to the lack of processed sugars and other junk it was used to having. 

What am I eating? I get this question a lot. Eggs, bacon, sweet potatoes, tuna, salmon, tomatoes, spinach leaves, apples and avocados. Pretty much combos of all of those things serve me well for bfast and lunch since both meals are typically eaten at my desk in my office. Dinner has been looking like chicken/pork/steak on the grill, more avocados along with grilled peppers, onions and squashes. I can get the kiddos to eat most things (including veggies) if they have been grilled – so we do that a lot! The wine bottle has remained unopened in my house for a week+ now (Yay me!), and I even survived cupcakes and pizza during a birthday party over the weekend.

I did fumble over chicken wings – but was tired of turning everything down during a social situation that drew way too much attention to my (empty) plate. I need to get better about having my own foods so that I can discreetly eat during social situations and not really bring attention to the fact that I’m somewhere that doesn’t have an option for me. It just gets awkward with the hostess, and then people I don’t know want to debate paleo vs what they think paleo is and end-up telling me about the success someone they know had on Adkins and South Beach. All well-intended, but… I’ve always lived, and survived, by social rules to not debate politics, religion or grammar – and now I’m adding dietary preference to that list of topics to socially avoid. Next time – just going to eat before going, keep a fake drink in hand and have a snack in my purse and/or claim a food allergy. People totally back away judgment-free from allergy claims.

For week one I kept the foods basic and within a known comfort zone My bravery in the kitchen is increasing, and I have a few recipes I’m looking forward to trying out on the crew this week. I'm past the hardest part of the nutritional reset. There is a pretty sweet life - without refined sugar - and I'm really eager to explore it. 

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