Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More than a Mantra

The idea of Harder2Kill was born from encounters with three specific people. Losing my father in ’11 was the start of the realization that if he had been healthier prior to cancer he might have been able to fight it. Fast forward a few months and in ’12 I meet two spectacular women whose life journeys taught me much more. These two women unknowingly laid the rest of the foundation for my approach to living - which is oddly about striving to be “harder to kill”.

One of those ladies is Louise Cooper. I’ve described her before as an elegant badass, and I’ve yet to figure out a better description. I’ve referenced her before because let’s face it, a lot of times WODs suck! And during the suckiest of them, I almost always hear Louise in my head in the moments that I really want to just stop.

Louise is just simply one of the most awesome human beings that I’ve had the privilege to meet, and she’s a person that even brief encounters are profound. Louise is considered a pioneer for women adventure racers. Long before Mark Burnett was producing adventure/survivor shows for TV. Louise was rappelling down cliffs, crossing deserts, trekking glaciers and tackling jungles as an elite adventure racer. Louise humbly dismisses any fuss made about her accomplishments – and perhaps why I’m gushing here about her is that her perspective on life and approach to living life profoundly affected mine. I can only hope to have a sliver of the grace, strength, courage, determination and humility this woman possess.

Louise is the epitome of Harder to Kill. She’s proof that no one is above cancer, but she is also proof that if you are physically strong – then you are able to be as aggressive as necessary to fight it. Louise has been on my mind for a few weeks. Learning through friends her cancer had returned – I was pissed off and worried for her. Angry about how cancer could have the audacity to rear itself again. I learned last night that Louise is attacking this head-on as she does any other endurance challenge and knowing she’s once again in the fight to win makes my heart happy.

Wheezy you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope for the opportunity to once again be on another adventure with you! Countless of us have benefited from your tow line. May all the prayers, “good juju” and medical advancements be the tow line that aids you in kicking cancers ass once again! You told me once, “The only way out it - is through it.” I know you will make it through. Last time, you ran Badwater five months after completing chemo! I am eagerly awaiting what goal you put in your sights for round 2. 

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