Thursday, January 2, 2014

Future Endeavors

"We wish you well in your future endeavors." I never really thought I'd hear that term directed to me. Sadly, I heard those very words on Monday. Happy New Year to the Whites! There's nothing like standing in the intersection of Suddenly Unemployed and Scared Shitless. I've been dazed and confused from the moment it happened, and this has forced our family into serious evaluation mode for next steps. My hope is this will all lead to a hidden blessing. My prayer is for that blessing to come out of hiding very soon! But what to do until then?

My work was always more than a job - most of my adult identity is tied directly to who I am was at work. Of course I'm planning to do everything in my power to help discover my currently hidden blessing, but I'm also going to take this sudden over-abundance of free time - and use it wisely for my fitness goals. Time constraints have always been my biggest obstacle to overcome. It seems every time I started making real progress, something would erupt at work - projects, conference season, required travel or just an avalanche of four-alarm projects. Perhaps I unknowingly wished for more time - and Santa granted the wish. Regardless - I'm going to focus on me.

It's an odd sensation for me to not have a job to go to this morning. Knowing my personality - I stand on a slippery slope. I could easily turn on the TV and crawl back into bed, but I fear that will only lead to self-destruction. Instead - I've already put in an hour on the elliptical and dressed to head to CrossFit in a little while. Mapping out my new schedule - will be a balance of workouts and seeking professional opportunities and finally being able to offer school-related volunteering (something I've never had the time to do b/c I never felt I could put that in front of my work).

Learning the company you've loyally served is willing to move on without you is a blow to self-confidence. I'm hopeful the blow will be minimized if I'm seeing progress toward my fitness goals. Nothing boosts confidence and feeling accomplished like setting new PRs. Confidence that will be needed as I dust off a decade-old resume and start interviewing again. As for my "future endeavors" who knows what is in store for us - but I intend to be Harder2Kill both physically and professionally.


  1. WOW! Pam that stinks. Sounds like it was with out warning too. Knowing you, you will find something that will be just make take some time. I am looking forward to hearing what "your future endeavors" will be!

  2. Having recently lost my full-time job and transitioned to a part-time position, can somewhat relate to what you are going through. The confidence you get from hitting your fitness goals will definitely translate to your professional life.

    I still think you should look into getting a book contract. You're such a good writer and provocative thinker. The world needs to hear your voice!! Get in touch with a literary agent!!!!!