Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

So hunting for my next hidden blessing is a lot like dating – but worse. The phrase “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy” has taken on a new meaning for me. I spend the majority of each day "pimpin" myself to an online job market. I haven’t been on the dating scene in 14 years – but now that I’m seeking my next professional opportunity – all the old stress and emotions of dating have come flooding back into my life. The roller coaster of excitement, disappointment, trying to convince yourself you are a fit for something, the matchmaking, the confidence, the insecurities and the worst - the waiting…

You spend a lot of time getting gussied up. It takes hours to research and craft company-specific resumes, LinkedIn profiles, monster profiles, career builder profiles – it feels a lot like an online dating service. Reading job postings and feeling that surge of excitement when something really seems on paper like it could be a perfect match only to experience the low of the rejection or worse – the silence. Rejection feeds the insecurities that are already festering in your mind.

In our house we use the term black hole to describe when The Hubs and I are in panic, pity and overall freak-out mode. We've agreed that the black hole has be remain tiny. We can’t afford for both of us to be in the black hole at the same time. So we take turns. It’s helpful because hopefully when one of us has slipped into the black hole – one is there to pull the other one out. It’s not perfect – but so far we’re politely taking turns. Right now the most effective way to keep from slipping into the black hole is to workout. Getting to C3 everyday has been a priority for me. In fact I’ve sampled a few class times to see which would fit better into my “new normal” schedule and definitely have found that tackling the WOD before I turn on the computer helps me tremendously. WODs are never easy – and they are designed that way. At the end – you’ve really accomplished something very daunting. You’ve got that accomplishment behind you, and that is rocket fuel for the energy that job-dating requires. Pimpin ain’t easy.

Job Dating Ad
I’m a hard-working, drama-free recently divorced from 12 year relationship (job) and seeking company that likes to have fun while still kicking ass. I have a passion for communicating, an eye for detail and an odd love for logistics. For the right company, I will move mountains to ensure the sun highlights your assets (public relations); diffuse any situation that may detract from success (crisis and internal communications), shout news from the mountain tops (social media) and can throw one hell of a party (event planning). If I sound like your perfect match, hit me up. I would love to use my pimpin skills for your company. 

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