Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Other Woman

I’m a daughter, wife, mom, friend, crossfitter and employee who is balancing the needs of other people while making my fitness and career a priority. I have a pretty defined mindset depending on which role I’m in during a given moment. But what happens when roles start blurring? I’ll tell you, sometimes the Other Woman has to show up. I’ve been fortunate to have had several interviews with amazing companies recently. Juggling it all got a little blurry at times, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So if you know me, you know what Billy Up! means to me. Over the last two months I’ve used that battle cry to tackle challenges, have difficult conversations and do deep soul searching for what is important for my family.

My recent interviews were amazing experiences, and I attribute so much to an army of prayer warriors and cheerleaders in my life. But I think a key difference for me during those interviews was to bring the Other Woman with me. Let me tell you about her, because you likely have one too. The Other Woman exist in all women. She’s the person that kicks in and handles 80 things simultaneously. She’s the one that takes over during emergencies. She’s the one that that kicks ass when called upon. She's the one you want to have in your corner during a fight. She's the Mama Bear that ferociously defends her cubs. She’s the one that upon never having hiked, signed up for a Rim to Rim (and back again) trek of the Grand Canyon. She’s the one that most days has to take over upon reading the WOD board at C3. And, she’s the one I took with me to each interview. They were set up as mental endurance days as a series of individual and panel-type interviews that lasted for hours. I’ll admit, the Other Woman was very useful. Most everyone lives and operates within different silos of their life. I don’t think I’m unique in that. I hope everyone has that Other Woman they can call upon when life requires you to Billy Up!

Oh how did the interviews go? Extremely well! We’ll have big news to announce in the near future. Until then the Other Woman is taking a much needed break for a few days.  

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