Friday, February 14, 2014

You look so different with clothes on

Networking is apparently a more socially appropriate term for what I call Pimping. In my new normal – I’ve found in-person networking to be a highlight of my activities. I spend a lot of time on the phone, too much time on my computer and waaaaayyyyy too much time alone. I am blessed to have a few girlfriends that are Queens of Networking, and they have been vigilant in their efforts to make me occasionally swap the yoga pants for dress pants and mingle my little heart out. This week I had the chance to attend a luncheon for Women In Communications. Imagine that – a group right here in Springfield specifically for WOMEN IN COMMUNICATIONS! Who knew?

I stroll in to a room expecting unfamiliar faces – and immediately find a familiar smiling face. My girl Morgan from C3. Here’s the odd thing about seeing fellow C3er’s outside of the box. It causes you to say things like, “You look so different with clothes on!” Which admittedly isn’t the typical ladies luncheon appropriate greeting. I’ve already confessed that I speak and think simultaneously, but perhaps I shouldn’t have proclaimed that across the table. (I fear our luncheon peers might have needed a little more context behind that statement.) But it’s true – at least for me. C3 – isn’t a glamor gym. People there are focused solely on completing (surviving) their WOD. There are no Athleta models striking flexed poses in the mirrors. In fact – in true CrossFit form – there are no mirrors in the place. The people there are grimy, sweaty and sometimes bloody. Emotions are raw; efforts are passionate and let’s just agree that most of us do not need to see the faces we make during pull-ups, snatches and wall balls. Inside C3 I’m usually sweating, swearing, panting, grunting and sporting grungy workout clothes. So to go from gym rat to business dress is a real shock to the senses, but it was so great to see a friendly smiling face to welcome me in to a room of strangers.

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