Monday, February 3, 2014


For a few weeks now I’ve been unable to get to C3. So I’ve been able to really test myself and my commitment to working out from home. With Snow days, flu, some unnamed bug, pimping, more snow days, another unnamed bug and a few exasperating efforts to receive unemployment benefits, my days fly by. I’m proud to say that most days I still accomplish an hour of cardio (luving some of my husband’s p90x cardio programs). Yoga a few times a week. I still suck at it (sorry Mom). Also – I’m blessed that we do have a fully functional home gym – one that I’m embarrassed to admit  I rarely used until recently. I look at the WOD online each day – and then figure out ways to replicate the WOD at home. Some days I’m more successful than others. There are many moves that I really need adult (coach) supervision for. So I’ve learned if I can’t comfortably replicate it – I default to burpees – which we all know completely suck (sorry Mom). One aspect of the CrossFit community is that it really is a community. With online forums and facebook groups I still feel connected – even though its been a few weeks since I’ve been in. B/n the at home WODs, cardio and dialing in the nutrition (detoxed in January from processed sugars, grains and diary) – I’m really seeing - and more importantly feeling - a difference.

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